Launch the game from the shortcut
The intro will begin, scrolling through the castle rooms.

Press F4 To Edit this Castle
Press F5 to Build a new Castle

dr.creep intro
Placing new objects.

Cursor Keys will move the red cursor

Q and A will rotate new objects through the cursor, allowing placement of objects such as doors, doorbells, poles, walkways.

Press the Ctrl Button to Place an object at the current cursor location

place object
Editing an existing object

Pressing '[' or ']' will rotate through objects in the current room, allowing you to move an existing object.

Pressing 'L' will allow linking it to another object (such as door bells to doors, or doors to other doors)

Pressing 'Delete' will remove the selected object from the room

edit object
Change Rooms (Can be done in Link mode)

Pressing '-' or '=' will change rooms either backwards or forwards).

If you move forward and the room does not exist, it will automatically be created.

Moving forward after Pressing 'L' on a door, will allow you to link doors between rooms. (simply rotate through the objects with [ or ] and press Ctrl once the object you want to link to is selected.

room change
Changing Object Direction

Pressing 'D' while an object is selected, will change its direction (Frankenstein, Raygun, and the direction a door appears on the map screen are influenced by this))

Changing Object State

Pressing 'S' will change the state of certain objects, such as the lightning, key type/color, type of door (normal, or an exit castle door), and the conveyor walkways.

All Lightning parts appear under the switch cursor object, and can be accessed via this key.

key change
Change Player Starting Location

Pressing '1' or '2' while a door is selected, will result in the players starting room/door being changed to the selected door object

start locations

Pressing 'F4' will return you to the game intro, Starting the game as normal from here will begin the castle you where just editing and any changes you made will be available.

Press 'Escape' until you return to the intro, and press escape in the intro to return to Build.

Final Room

Pressing 'F' will display the final castle room (altho no editing is currently available for it)

final room
Saving your Castle

Pressing 'F1' at any time will save the castle to a disk image in the "DATA\CASTLES" Folder (the first with enough free space is selected)

save castle